Tunica, Mississippi

Bayou Deview Duck Blinds has been manufacturing top of the line Duck Blind, Duck Pit, Goose Blind, and Goose Pit for 17 years in Tunica County, Mississippi, near the Mississippi River. We guide out of our blinds every day of duck season in Mississippi, so over the years, we have made some changes to our blinds to make them as comfortable and durable as possible. Made of 7 to 10-gauge steel – the heaviest pit on the market.

Duck Blind Hunting in Tunica, MS

Duck Hunting season in Tunica, MS lasts from September to January. And Duck Hunting Experience in Tunica, MS is incredible and one of the best in North America. Beaver Dam Lake is an old oxbow of the Mississippi River, is the best Place for Duck Hunting in Tunica of Mississippi.

Top 5 Hunting Destinations in Mississippi

The Bayou Special is the most comfortable blind for long days in the field. It measures 5-foot-wide at the bottom, 5-foot-wide at the top, 56 inches tall, with a 30-inch opening to shoot out of, this blind comes in 10 to 20-foot lengths. A-Frame Blind is our most economical blind. It measures 4 foot at the bottom and comes in 10 to 27 foot in lengths. Each blind has a 30-inch opening at the top, however, the top can be made to whatever size you want.

We also custom build blinds to whatever size and configurations you need.

All blinds come with either side or end tie downs, one or two dog boxes, and flip or row tops.

Bayou Deview Duck Blinds deliver anywhere in the United States. We have offices in TexasArkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma.