Monroe, Louisiana

Bayou Deview Duck Blinds has been manufacturing top-of-the-line duck blinds for 17 years. We deliver hunting pits and blinds throughout the U.S. in Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma. Of these states, Monroe, LA is one of the best places for both young and seasoned hunters. Due to the space provided by large farmlands and the wealth of waterfowl in the area, no hunter’s visit to Louisiana is complete without the at least one duck hunting trip.

Hunting Monroe, LA- Duck Blinds & Pits

Monroe, LA is known to be the Duck Capital of America and are regularly used there. Gueydan, LA, home of the massively popular Gueydan Duck Festival, is a top spot in south Louisiana for hunters, and we often create custom blinds and pits to fit the needs of clients in the area. Each of our blinds has a 30-inch opening at the top, however, the top can be made to whatever size you want. We also offer custom pit blinds to make hunting as comfortable and durable as possible.

Duck Hunting in Louisiana

Just as the fall colors creep over the Louisiana landscape, it signals the time for hunters to visit Louisiana’s outdoors. It’s the perfect time for hunting duck, waterfowl and more.  Louisiana is famous for hunting, as there are reality TV shows like Duck Dynasty and Swamp People that depict the culture of hunting in Louisiana.

Duck hunting season lasts from September to January. Louisiana is the last stop for millions of wintering ducks in the Mississippi River Flyway, and approximately 2,486,000 ducks arrived in 2016 alone. For this reason, people flock to the area for their seasonal hunting trips.

Best Louisiana Locations for Duck Hunting

Northeast Louisiana is full of wildlife all the way to the Mississippi River. Down south there’s a great abundance of waterfowl because of the coastal areas, so there are always plenty of opportunities for hunting. Louisiana wetland areas support upwards of 9 million migrating and wintering ducks on average. The Red River area is known for great hunting in the western areas of Louisiana.  If you ever are ever in need of a great hunting location, Louisiana has plenty to offer.

Whether you’re hunting in Louisiana or any other state, Bayou Deview Duck Blinds will ensure that you get the best experience possible with the greatest equipment available. Contact us today to start your adventure.