Duck Pit

A Frame Pit:

a. 8ft pit $700.00
b. 8ft wDog box $800.00
c. 12ft pit $1,000.00
d. 12ft w/dog box $1,100.00
e. 12ft w/2 dog boxes $1,350.00
f. 12ft 10ga pit $1,650.00
g. 12ft 10ga w/dog box $1,750.00
h. 12ft 10ga w/2 dog boxes $1,850.00
i. 16ft 10ga pit $2,250.00
j. 16ft 10ga w/dog box $2,350.00
k. 16ft 10ga w/2 dog boxes $2,450.00
l. 20ft 10ga pit $2,650.00
m. 20ft 10ga w/dog box $2,750.00
n. 20ft 10ga w/2 dog boxes $2,850.00
0. 24ft 10ga pit $3,050.00
p. 24ft 10ga w/dog box $3,150.00
q. 24ft 10ga w/2 dog boxes $3,250.00

Bayou Special and Dug Out Pits

a. 12ft $3,500.00
b. 16ft $4,000.00
c. 20ft $4,500.00
d. 24ft $5,000.00
e. 28ft $5,500.00
These blinds come with shell boxes built into the price.